INTRODUCTION : We want to introduce INDONESIAN ARTISAN SPECIALTY COFFEE to International coffee lovers who expects to taste high quality coffee ; THE AUTHENTIC TEMANGGUNG COFFEE. Java Temanggung Coffee will be a new choice of various Indonesian Coffee.

FAIR TRADE  : Producing Added Value Coffee which is approved by SCAA and SCAE Standard, the bargaining price will be better than regular coffee commodity. Thus, through the margin, Mr. Rio Richardo can purchase at higher price for Coffee Cherry from the farmer community to increase their prosperity.

DEVELOPMENT: Being an ARTISAN COFFEE PROCESSOR , Mr. Rio Ricardo continuously develop the Post-Harvest processing technique to create unique specialty coffee with certain aroma and notes.  With slogan TRUSTED FOR QUALITY, he will keep his commitment in processing high quality coffee.

Фильчаков Александр Васильевич


Best Quality Products

Arabica & Robusta Specialty Coffee

Best Coffee Plantation

in Temanggung high land,Java

Award-Winning Coffee

World Of Coffee (WOC) Awards 2016

80-90 Plus Score Cupping

SCAA Standard Qualification


Jl. Gajah Mada ,
(Gama Food Festival), Semarang
Central Java, Indonesia   

/  +62-8191-405-1414

 Instagram: @vinscoffee

Processing Unit

Central Java, Indonesia

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World Of Coffee Awards 2016

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