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Noting a “rapidly expanding” tourism industry surrounding Kopi Luwak (a.k.a. civet coffee) in recent years, the nonprofit agency World Animal Protection is renewing its call to consumers and sellers of Kopi Luwak coffee to avoid coffees from producers caging the cat-like Asian palm civets for production.

In a recent report published in the journal “Animal Welfare” WAP authors say they have discovered at least 16 plantations on a popular tourist corridor in Bali, Indonesia, within the past five years, marketing and selling Kopi Luwak coffee to tourists.

“Fourteen of the 16 plantations produced the caged civet coffee on-site, and two plantations that did not produce caged coffee on-site confirmed that they

A graph of the ICO composite indicator price over the past two years. Courtesy of the ICO.

A graph of the ICO composite indicator price over the past two years. Courtesy of the ICO.

The composite price for commodity coffee reached a 17-month low throughout May, as speculation over the 2015/16 crop in Brazil suggests “no immediate supply concerns” in the global market, according to the latest monthly report from the International Coffee Organization. This despite the most recent estimate from Brazilian agriculture agency CONAB that Brazil’s 2015/16 crop will

Photo by Coop Coffees.

Photo by Coop Coffees.

Until just recently, the Gayonese coffee farmers in Sumatra have been spared the dramatic impacts of climate change, in contrast to the climate-related havoc being wrought upon so many coffee growing regions across Latin America and Africa in recent years.

However, the Sumatran farmers’ luck suddenly flipped this harvest, with their coffee seriously damaged due to the lack of rainfall from January to September of 2016. This prolonged drought provoked higher

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